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The Human-Companion Animal Bond – It’s as Old as Time

Let’s talk about Homer’s Odyssey for a minute. (No, you’re not reading the wrong blog and this is not Sophomore English.) The Greek hero, Odysseus, fought in the Trojan War for ten years, then faced an array of challenges for another ten before he finally made it back to his homeland. The Cyclops! The Sirens! […]

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A Family Affair – When Blood Really is Thicker than Water

Veterinary Medicine is a profession that can’t be practiced in an isolated environment. Along with hard working and dedicated staff, family members often hear and accept the “Call of Duty” when circumstances necessitate more caring hands at the front, especially in an emergency situation. Talk to those who grew up in a home with a […]

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George’s Story – We’re More than Just a Dog Clinic

One thing you can say about veterinary medicine is that it is rarely boring. A typical day in an animal clinic may cover everything from pet health exams through major illnesses and surgery. Each appointment is different and each patient is unique. By the end of the day, the staff is exhausted and ready to […]

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Did the name of our new blog catch your interest? Anyone who has ever loved a pet has had to deal with a variety of shades of the fluffy stuff that come with most dog and cat breeds. A joke we like to tell is that we have the perfect dog – if only he […]