Did the name of our new blog catch your interest? Anyone who has ever loved a pet has had to deal with a variety of shades of the fluffy stuff that come with most dog and cat breeds. A joke we like to tell is that we have the perfect dog – if only he could vacuum! Every profession has its stories, and veterinary medicine is certainly rich with tails tales that will amuse, warm your heart, make you LOL, bring a tear, affirm your faith in humanity, and make you realize that an animal doctor embodies the words of Will Rogers: The best doctor in the world is the veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what is the matter – he’s got to just know. We will be recalling 40 years of stories for our 50 Shades blog. We hope you enjoy these brief glimpses into the goings on at Tallmadge Animal Hospital.

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Mary Gulledge - November 5, 2015 Reply

I love the title! Yes the 50 Shades of Fur title for the blog is great! I have a pillow that says, “No outfit is complete with out dog hair” and that was so true when we had Angel Joy!! I am so looking forward to each entry!! I know they will all be great!!

Linda Zarnstorff - November 5, 2015 Reply

The title absolutely caught my eye–love it and the concept of your story telling. Keep it up.

Carolyn Hall - November 6, 2015 Reply

This is a great idea for a blog! And yes, the fur! What pet owner doesn’t own a great vacuum?
PS; the grey kitten is beyond adorable!!

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