Forever In Our Hearts

Sir Robin of TAH (Robby)
February 1, 2006 – October 19, 2018

With much sadness, Dr. Mike and Susan Andrews said goodbye to their sweet dog today. There is a hole in our hearts where this Golden boy took up residence twelve years ago. Robby was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in August, a cancer that had attacked his spleen and metastasized to other organs. Robby was an incredible dog. He possessed every quality of a perfect companion: friendly, loving, gentle, loyal, intelligent, stoic, and special in every way. He loved everyone and every living creature. He was in his glory when people visited, especially the grandsons. He greeted his favorite vet home from work with an excited dance every night. And how he loved coming to TAH! (He knew that there were always treats for him in Nina’s pockets.) Thank you to our wonderful staff for helping us through this today: Nina, Angela, Lisa, and Ashley. Those of us who bring pets into our lives know the reality that their time with us will be comparatively short, but we wouldn’t trade one minute of the joy and delight they offer.